‘Ol Fashioned Push-Ups

Today is a brilliant reminder of why there are less than 1,000 who dare to inhabit this town. It was RUTHLESS out there! The first day in as long as I can remember that I did not mind not getting to spend time outside. If there is any furniture remaining on the front porch tomorrow, it will be nothing short of miraculous.

Been thinking an awful lot about my default level of fitness – cause that is a decision you make. Many moons ago I decided my default level was being able to run a 10K at the drop of a hat – a hilly one. If an amiga rang me up on a Thursday and said “Yo – there’s this super sweet trail-run race on Saturday that I forgot to tell you about”, I’d be in. I am far from that at the moment. I could certainly pull off a 5K, but that might not even be terribly pleasant.

Sometimes I’d train for more, but I’d never fall below that.
Yet here I am. I get…I just had a baby and am in the process of incubating another…but criminy – should I be that far off the mark?

You know who has a stellar default level? That Michele Obama. She busted out 25 push ups the other day on television! Not that I saw it on the ‘ol tele…but I caught it on facebook and I must say I was impressed. I used to bust out 20 push-ups no sweat. Even as little as 3 years ago…before the dreaded roto-tiller incident.

So…as I was watching the soaps, twiddling my thumbs, and eating bon-bons (that’s what full-time working stay-at-home madre’s do all day) today, I wondered what I’d do for exercise since taking Critter outside was definitely not an option.

When I went to do my first set of push ups, I got confused. It had been a while since I’ve tried. I couldn’t remember where I was really supposed to place my hands. I have been practicing yoga for close to 5 years and all I knew to do was lower down into chaturanga dandasana and back up. I feel like that may be a tad more difficult than a regular push-up…but llike I said, I could not remember what a legitimate push-up should look or feel like (yes – i do have a masters degree in physical education). I tried a variety of methods throughout the day: wide armed, thumbs touching, boobs to the ground, elbows just to 90 degrees, triangle fingers… they were all challenging to say the least. I never got more than 7 done in a set. Seriously? Seven? Word. La Madre has her work cut out.

I wanna be a bad ass like Michele Obama. Drop and give me 20! Okey doke.

I also want to be better at “using stupid systems” and putting my stuff away in places that I might know were to find them. I have been on this planet for 35 years, and I NEVER find my debit card, money, glasses, contacts, sunglasses, or hat on the first try – and those are the things I use EVERYDAY! I spend close to an hour of each day looking for my shit.

Daddio calls me out on it all the time – but not in a kind, helpful way – he’s actually quite mean – and therefore it drives me nuts.

Watch your back M. Obama!

So….I have a plan.  When I leave my daily items in places where they should not belong, Daddio will scoop them up and store them in a secret, undisclosed location. In order to get each item back, I have to do 10 push-ups. If today’s practice session means anything…I have a way to go before I can reclaim my items.

It’s a win-win. Daddio won’t have to say a word, so I won’t want to punch him in the face for being mean. I will develop a new awareness of my belongings. And, on the road to getting there, I will train to beat that bitch Obama in an arm wrestling match.

Love a win-win.

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