Blue Skies

What a difference the blue sky makes. I know that is one of the top five reasons I have for living here. When we go a good long stretch without the blue sky poking through the gloomy, dreary clouds it can feel like eternity. Especially when the wind is ripping like mad.

This whole week that Daddio was outta town – it was that bleh sky with the razza-ma-frazza-ma wind. We got out to do stuff, but it was not terribly terrific to spend a great deal of time out there!

Today erased it all away! It was cold, of course, and the wind was blowing, of course…but the blue sky has a way of lifting my spirit simply by looking at it.

Went over for a hang and Jeopardy! Watched the two final games of College Tournament. Took me right back to the days of my college tournament try-outs in Chapel Hill. In a lecture hall full of UNCers and Dukies…there sat little ‘ol me. I had no idea what to expect…but I was pleasantly surprised and proud of my performance. Out of 50 questions, I missed 6. Not enough to move on to the next level, but enough to walk outta there with my chin up. I vowed I’d be back someday…they said you have a much better chance when you try out for regular ‘ol Jeopardy! since they take so many more contestants. Feel like that window has already shut…but I sure love the 20 minutes of my days that are devoted to playing Jeopardy with Frank. It is a fabulous practice of association and rapid recall, neither of which I get in my ordinary life.

Daddio and Crit about to top out on Nellie’s Knoll
Mount Mickle

Critter never actually napped today. When I got back from Frank’s, I asked Daddio if he wanted to stroll up Nellie’s Knoll with us. I asked him to carry Critter…mostly cause I didn’t want to worry about carrying her back down. We ended up pressing on once we submitted the Knoll since the wind was rather outrageous. We proceeded up to Mount Mickle (formerly known as Jim’s Jetty). The burst of sunshine, blue sky, and fresh blowing air set the entire day on an elevated track.

Once we returned, Daddio headed off to Happy Hour and I stayed home with Critter to have a woodstove stretch and make Lemon Pound cake muffins for Weaver’s birthday.

Shoulders and traps are SORE!!!!! The combination of push-ups and Thursday night’s climbing wall session really did me in.  Gotta be getting stronger though I reckon. Just gotta be.

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