Depressed. Majorly depressed… although doing wee bit better now than earlier today.

See…it turns out I played my cards right, after all. Had my bags packed and my snowboards ready. Blustery day (again) here in Wyoming, which meant a powder day for certain tomorrow.  Checked the road conditions and hopped in the shower. Was destined for Victor, ID where I’d be spending the night with my good buddy Mungbean. Violet Vixen was coming with me. Had dinner prepped and packaged in a couple of containers. We were gonna have a feast tonight and enjoy my first powder day in 2 years tomorrow. I was so flippin’ stoked. Got out of the shower and threw my contact case and toothbrush in my bag. Logged on to Wyoming Road conditions one last time.

Today’s Wyoming Travel Conditions…boooo!

GULP! DOUBLE GULP! Where it had said “No Unnecessary Travel” before (which I felt my journey was more than necessary), it now read “ROAD CLOSED”. My heart sank – it is still pretty sunk.

I’m right on the edge of the window that will surely close before the next powder day comes along. We will be in Florida the next two weekends, then I’m off to Colorado for work the next weekend…so by the end of March, i’ll be too far along in my pregnancy to take true advantage of floating through the bottomless snow with an ear to ear grin.

I think Daddio was truly sad for me. He knows.
A. how much i was looking forward to a mini vacation with my peeps
B. how much i LOVE to spend the day on a snowboard and
C. what a powder day means.

He asked what I’d like to do tonight instead. I replied “What I’d really like to do is drink several beers or a bottle of wine and eat gross fatty food smothered in cheese” That’s the level of depression I was suffering from.

Instead, we got out of the house and went to dinner. I had a spicy tuna roll and club soda instead of a towering plate of nachos and a super-sized beer. I must say the results were probably the same. I felt a bit better.

Especially because there is now Plan B. If the roads are open at 6am, Violet Vixen and I are still headed over for a day on the mountain.

I’m going to bed tonight with my fingers crossed and a lucky rabbit’s foot under my pillow.

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