Powder Day!

Yee Haw! 4 months pregnant.

We made it!
Road was still closed when we headed out at 6:15am…opened 10 minutes before we got there at 7:30am!
Arrived at the Village at 8:50am – perfect timing!
They reported 11″…but it was more like 6″. Who cares? It was fresh and I was giggly.
All the easy to access stuff was skied off pretty quickly, so spent the majority of the day in the trees.
It was so peaceful and exhilarating. I couldn’t get enough.
Had to stop around 3:00pm, legs were getting tired and turns were becoming hard to force.
Trying to abide by that ‘ol fine line between doing it and overdoing it. For Sprout’s sake, I packed it in.

Nothing quite like the feeling of sitting in front of the fire after being powder day sore and exhausted.
Fabulous final run for the season. Already can’t wait till 2013!!!!

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