Leap Day Eve

Tomorrow is Leap Day.
It is my favorite holiday – has been since elementary school.
Oh how I wished and wished that my birthday fell on leap day…or that I’d have a child born on that extra-special spare day that only comes to grace us every four years.
No such luck on either accounts…  I think initially my young-nerdy-self was blown away by the math of it. I thought it was incredible that some people out there that walk among us, had the wisdom to understand the need for a supplemental 24 hour day every four years.
I certainly have never understood why it is not an International Holiday. How can you possibly be expected to work or get on with your ordinary, mundane tasks when you are granted this extraordinary bonus day? Shouldn’t we all be out celebrating together? Rejoicing with the fact that February 29 is unique and magnificent, and without it the world as we know it, and time as we have defined it, simply would not be the same.
Mungbean and Rocket as if they were headed to the secret high-mountain-meadow Super-Hero Conference
For the past 12 years, I have had this master plan of a secret meeting of all the Super-Heros I’ve come across in my little life. I reckoned I’d be sending out self-destructing invitations to select individuals and they would all turn up for the big event. I thought it would take place in a big snow-filled meadow high in the mountains. I’d go up the week before and dig out a monster snow cave and igloo and we’d all spend the night. Somehow, in my vision, Leap Day always seems to coincide with a full-moon.  Last Leap Day could have been perfect – it fell on a Saturday…but I had just bought my first cabin and threw a Housewarming Hulabaloo instead. I figured we’d just tackle it in 2012.
What it was supposed to look like…sigh
Well, now it is 2012 and I have a wee Critter and am incubating a Sprout and could not possibly participate in the kind of debauchery and hedonism I expected to take place after the meeting adjourned and we succeeded in solving all of the world’s problems.
So, since life took a turn on me…what to do with LEAP DAY 2012?
I’ve got to work.
I’ve got to pack.
I’ve got to do a trillion menial tasks that I do everyday… LAME-A-ROO!!!
How am I going to spend and celebrate this extra-special, spare, superfluous day that totally trumps Groundhog Day (another favorite holiday)?
I have exactly 3.5 hours to figure that out.

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