Last StretchTill December!

Critter and i are in it again!
Daddio on the road for a week. He left yesterday – and it wasn’t our best performance.

i suck at transitions though, so today is the first official day without him – and it was much better!
We saw elk, bison, antelope, coyotes, deer, 2 bald eagles, and 2 cranes.  Oh – and I saw Sprout too.

I had back-to-back-to-back appointments in Jackson today, and I wondered how we’d muddled through it on our own. Franko came to the rescue and volunteered his au-pair services and it was a rather splendid day. Three hours of appointments ended up being just two, which was a major bonus.

The drive over the pass this morning was perfect. A fresh blanket of snow covering everything and not a single track through it. The Tetons stood quite regally while the clouds buffed up their peaks. Lunch was perfect and delicious. We took the inner-park loop on the way home in hopes of catching sight of a bear…cranes instead.

I was slightly nervous about leaving Crit with Franko as he is 67 and never had any children. It seemed their time together was great though. So lucky she is so chill and happy.

Sprout unofficially received the “Normalest Baby of the Day” by the doctor who was a bit strange. He certainly spoke to entertain himself more than inform a patient, but I may be tempted to do the same if I had to repeat the same information for 40 years. I’m not even sure about half of what he babbled, but in the end he did give us the award. so i reckon that means all is good.  I do recall him sputtering on about my advanced maternal age and “the odds”. He mentioned something about looking at those odds as a betting man in Vegas, or as Chicken Little…He also commended the young being for choosing to place its placenta at the back of my uterus….and odd duck for shizzle.

Crit and I have through next Monday to roll in our own style. It may likely be the last opportunity for just the two of us for quite some time. I plan to take full advantage – can’t wait to strap her back onto the bike and cruise around the hood. 

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