Marty Mungbean is coming! In fact, she is on her way over the pass as I type. and the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Today sucked. Chalking it up as “one of those days”.
Couldn’t sleep last night (big fat moon)
Critter got up at 6:30am.
Rain at first – then huge monster snowflakes.
Turns out my Bountiful Basket order never processed.
Less than 1 hour morning nap.
No afternoon nap at all.
Snow turned to chilly wind.
Constant whiney-cryey-not-pleasant sounds from Critter.
So tired.
Yoga interrupted twice – no other exercise.
Not a terrific day of nutritional nourishment either.
Made horrible salad to take to Derby party – embarrassing.
Cold sore throbbing like the Ren and Stimpy cartoon where one of them had a toothache.
Birch ate all the lemon bread on the counter while at the Derby party.
Feeling fat and miserable.
Coming to terms with my new awareness of obsessing (to come later this week, I’m sure)
Just wishing for an escape today…counting the hours till Daddio tags back in.

And then she arrived! Marty Mungbean (the O.S. Plum Fairy) on the scene.
The ‘ol saying of  “sometimes you just need a friend” may have come from a pregnant single madre after a long day.
Mungbean arrived at 8:00pm
we caught up
we chatted
we philosophized
we reflected
we processed
we assessed
we appreciated
we validated
we challenged
we questioned
we listened
we laughed
we supported
we reminisced
When we went to sleep, I felt like myself again. My slumber was peaceful and restful.
When we woke up, we did it all over again – this time with Critter too! We also had the great pleasure of adding a hike through the badlands in b-e-a-u-tiful Wyoming spring time weather (first nice day in over a week).
we added eating to the list as well
as well as other-friend-visiting
and Critter teaching

She was outta here by 3:30pm – not even a 24-hour visit…but i am so uber-grateful for each one of those hours…minutes too!

You can’t have time like that with your husband.
You can’t even have time like that if your husband is around.
You can’t have time like that with new friends – they have to be the old ones who can help you put it all in perspective and remind you that now is only part of the journey.

I met Mungbean at my very first rugby practice in 1995 – it was her first practice too. We have traveled our separate paths together ever since. I often reflect on my fortune of having the most spectacular friends in the universe, who are each a dear part of my family. Each of them is currently planted in different time zones all across the country. I know how lucky I am to have rooted myself in a remote mountain town of less than 1,000 inhabitants, in a state with less than 500,000 people, and have Marty Mungbean one mountain pass away (okay – sometimes it is two mountain passes).

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