Idaho Retreat

It’s off and running.
Incredibly fabulous fresh start.
After a (holiday) week home alone with the wee peeps, I was due for some chillaxing. 
Cosmically, it all fell in to place, as it is cosmically wont to do.
My dear friend, Amrita, has a birthday coming up.
She said “Can you come over?”
I basically knocked on her door to reply “yes!”
I don’t drink in January…not a resolution…just a break after the long holiday season.
She doesn’t eat the first week in January – just drinks…juices and coffee.
We were primed for the perfect gathering.
I left my tribe on Saturday morning.
Had a lovely snowshoe hike up a fabulous mountain.
Drove over two mountain passes and arrived.
My car was packed with all sorts of winter adventure gear, a yoga mat, and my painting bag.
Afternoon Delight
Seriously?!? Who has one of these in their house??
Sure, let’s have another
We made and drank juices.
We stretched.
We made the most delectable coffee drinks I can remember ever having.
We chatted.
We walked.
We painted.
We slept.
We snowboarded.
We drank more juice.
We drank more coffee.
We chatted more.
We stretched more.
I was rejuvenated.

There is a special spot on my right trapezius, where Devlin and Betty lurk.
 After 24 hours in Idaho, i cleared them outta there!

I wrung it all out.
I came home early – to the most endearing welcome ever registered.
It was enough.

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