The Only Ones on the Planet?!

Spaghetti Squash

We had spaghetti squash with ground elk meat tonight for dinner. Daddio believes we are the only one eating that for dinner tonight

as in, on the planet.

“Mom-o, we use the fancy grater for the cheese?”

Whether we were or weren’t…it was scrumptious. and the wee peeps dig it too.

 well, Critter does. Deb-ul basically likes to eat the bread alone.

A boy after my own heart really. Feel bad for him in advance. He most likely will be a beer lover I reckon.

Bread, Bikes, and Beers.
Gonna start adding some meals and recipes. I seem to like to read those on other blogs. I’ll get better at the recipe part… For now there are photos:
Squash beats pasta almost any day.

  Elk Meat in the Cast Iron Skillet

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