selling out, i guess

The whole point is to be continually growing and strengthening, right?
I mean, I’m not peaking until 62…that leaves a lot of room for upward mobility.

So if I compare myself to a year ago….where does that put me?

Basically doing same activities, same intensity, same frequency.
Or so I typically allow myself to believe…

Daddio asked me the other day if i was going to blog about my “sell-out”.

I be like “what you talkin about?!?!?”

He informed me that my signing up for a 6am exercise class three days a week instead of chopping wood, moving logs, and hauling rocks around the property was a lame excuse for “frontier fitness”.

The thing is – although i bring the wood inside everyday, i am certainly not splitting it daily, and the rocks i collected for the patio have not moved an inch since November. In fact, i’m rather sure they are frozen to the ground.

I get twitchy or something far worse if i don’t feel like i’m getting enough activity, or if i don’t perceive myself growing stronger CONSTANTLY.

Life these days is consistently inconsistent. I needed to build in a constant. and it wasn’t necessarily easy.

I don’t really do indoor activity (with the exception of yoga) – or at least i haven’t in many many years. I wasn’t sure i could keep up. although i thought i could demonstrate “a burpee”, i had never actually done one.

Last fall, when i was addicted to trips to the quarry to collect rocks i was thinking “crossfit schmossfit – who else is doing THIS?”

and now i’m in. i dig it. all this kneel-on-the-ball stuff is quite fun. and my abs hurt – for the first time in FOREVER!

so, yeah, i’m gonna blog about my sell-out. My sell-out for the 1 hour of consistency i have treated myself to before anyone in my cabin is even stirring.

i started running there and back this week. in the dark dark. under all the stars. on the frozen mud. what a delight.

and the thing is, the wood will still be split. and all the rocks will end up in their proper place. whenever the time presents itself for those things to happen. and while that is not happening, i’ll finally catch that Michelle Obama on her push-up count.

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