it’s only Feb. 6? for real?

Deep Woods set sail on the 28 of January.

the Macaroni Piggies have been On-Our-Own for

i admit to loving the groove we get in. it’s different.

actually…it is EXACTLY the same…but spun differently…they are 3 and 4 …. i have leadership abilities of all sorts….raising toddlers has resorted me to tactics i long ago abandoned. but i’m not ashamed. i spent a decade in authentic behavior modification through intentional choice. i can set it up. ….it is just quite difficult at 3 and 4….and did i mention constant?

so im enduring. like i knew i would. and because i have the “bottom bracket” in me, i decided this would be a grand time to introduce a wheat-free diet to The Mac Oikners.

which is actually going rather well. i was nervous for so long about it. afraid i reckon…cause i couldn’t follow-through with it. now we are in it, and everyone seems to be rather vibrant!

Devlin wakes up in the 5’s everyday. it has kind of been his lifetime MO. and this week it has been a great ignition to my day. it has taken me back to the days in the old house when we woke up for early morning feeding and we watched the sunrise every morning from the perfect corner of the house. now, i make coffee and we love lump and build shit and watch the sun come up and look for moose out every window and wake daddo and Crit up with sneak kiss attacks!

it’s a good morning. it appeases the kapha in  me.

There are two things i dislike more than many others:

  • rushing
  • worrying

those are my least favorite practices. and i avoid them as much as i can.

i heed the words of those before me. i dont feel the need to reinvent the wheel.

  • Dont overschedule yourself or your kids
  • Dont say yes to everything
  • Dont jump in head first without assessing the waters a bit
  • Dont sweat the small stuff
  • Dont let your ego get involved
  • Dont take too long to completely forgive…


thank you all people who whispered all that back at us. LOUD AND CLEAR.

Defining and residing in the “healthy limit” seems to be a life-long quest.

Constantly getting closer…and pushing with intense curiosity…and exhaling surrender…



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