Horse of a Different Color

Deep Woods has been home less than a week, and my life has become exponentially better.

Tuesday morning, i stayed in my bedroom. awake, but able to maintain a state of rest that had been absent for an entire lunar cycle. i sat up and stretched and stared in silent conversation at the moose out my bedroom window. it was only after i heard the Subaru roll away, that i floated out to the kitchen for coffee. i was in town by 9:15 for SPIN and yoga. but i was able to wear the comforting shawl of the morning all-day-long.

Wednesday morning i stayed home and started sewing at 7:30am. Took me all morning to produce 1 complete shirt. practice. practice. practice. town early for yoga. had the gym to myself for 45 minutes, then moved my stuff over to the Bistro. got zeroed. was fine. went to Shank’s for 2 Jeps and stretched on the floor. back to Bistro. home after bedtime and a starry night hot tub.

Thursday sewed again. rocked out all the hoodies. parked at Shank’s and rode my trusty ‘ol mountain bike to Joe’s Forbidden Tree. such a good time.

and Friday. DW went for a gaiter-wearing tromp up the hillsides while the Macaroni Piggies cleaned the bedroom to make room for the camper trailer that they are 2-straws away from earning! after lunch, they dropped me off at the border of winter-and-spring…and away i rode.

happily along Horse Creek. merrily through town. chipperly pause at Shank’s to attach the aerobars. giddily up to the telescope at Whiskey Basin. and hysterically the way back down. another pleasant pause at Shank’s for another Jeopardy! and a hang on the table. my second of the week.

and then met TN at the park. for their first go at their Christmas pedal bikes. and it was an incredibly smashing success. a golden evening for Team Neidens for shizzle. we celebrated with our friends at the Bistro.

and Saturday was rather spectacular as well. we journeyed out the Three Lakes road on our first attempt to Lake Louise on all-our-own-foots. and we made it 1/3 of the way there. and all the way back. without a peep of a whine. without a moment-of-meltdown. the little homies were stimulated at optimal level. another golden moment for us. we are really stacking them high.

and life back at the MW is swell. DW is a perfect partner in this. having both-of-us to manage this is um….better. yup…better.

March is different than February was. horse of a different color.


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